Of our
dear Friends

True sisters of heart, could not be more different. A quiet little splicer and a playful tornado who couldn’t live without each other. One thing is certain, they agree that HVPC is one of their favorite places, so much that they turn into turnstiles in front of the door! Hugs (and treats) from the whole team are unbeatable

Penny et Chloé

Arrived in very bad condition from a refuge in Mexico with unbearable fractures, I was destined to be put down. Fortunately, thanks to Dre Vaillancourt’s big heart, I was saved in extremis.

Now on three legs, I live happily with my adoptive family who gives me all the love in the world.

To the entire HVPC team, to the generous donors of @thebeautiesandthebeasts and to Mission Passion Compassion without whom this miracle could not have taken place, THANK YOU.


Found orphans at 11 days old, our lives would not have been the same if it weren’t for HVPC.

Now a year and a half, with remarkable elegance for me and absolute tranquillity for my brother. Beneath our perfect boys’ look hides an endearing little demon and a cute little angel.

I am flexibility and agility incarnated while my brother is a little clumsier. Our love periods are filled with cuddles, soft purrs, and a melodious little coo.

Thank you HVPC for saving our lives and finding the best mom in the world for us ❤️

Kenji et Salem

My name is Sady.

I was there when HVPC first opened. My diamond necklace made me the queen of the clinic. I was afraid to go to the vet before. But when I met Dr Vaillancourt, I understood that she was there to take care of me with all her love. I couldn’t eat anymore because I had sores, but she helped me by always listening to my needs. I love her so much. She will always be in my heart, and I think I will always be in hers.


Let me introduce myself.

My name is Heidi and I’m 7 years old.
My daddy says I’m HIS princess. He adopted me when I was 2 years old. I was then diagnosed with hip weakness.

He explained to me that Dr. Marie-Ève Vaillancourt had seen my X-rays and that she and her team were to follow me closely. At each visit, I am welcomed like a Golden worthy of my rank: treats, hugs, they only have eyes for me.

Today I take it easy in Kamouraska and I am the most popular Golden in town. I wish to thank you, Marie and your team, for keeping me healthy.

This reassures my dad: you’re the only one he trusts.


I was abandoned in the countryside late in the fall, when I was just a baby. But then, I was found and brought to HVPC where true love was waiting for me.

Even though I look grumpy, I am very happy.

Thank you HVPC for your adoption program.



My name is Roux.

Before, my life wandering the streets of Boucherville was difficult.

One day without really understanding why I arrived at HVPC.

My wounds were treated.
I was operated on and pampered. And, thanks to my great voice and languorous gaze, I was adopted. I am soothing and very cushy by nature. I spend a lot of time comfortably watching my humans and my two brothers annoying each other…

Thank you life.

Thank you HVPC.


They call me Sir Chocolate the King.

I am Lison’s chosen one. Thanks to the wonderful team at HVPC, I am in great shape.

I love giving kisses and receiving hugs. Of course, I have a few small flaws but with such a pretty face, I can be forgiven for (almost) everything.

Sir Chocolat

My name is Olive.

I regularly go to the clinic to see my human friends; they give me treats🐩.
My mom says I’m a little lemon but, thanks to the excellent care of Marie-Eve, my favorite vet, I’m doing great now.

Sometimes I too am afraid but not when I see friends who cuddle and calm me down. Thank you HVPC – you truly depict what passion compassion is.

See you soon for more treats🐩🍖



Passion Compassion Veterinary Hospital offers a Catch-Sterilize-Release (CSR) service for stray and wild cats as well as an adoption service for stray cats that we have been able to tame and socialize.





The purpose of these two programs is to counter the problem of overcrowding of stray cats in Boucherville and the region.


All stray cats caught are tested for the highly contagious and deadly feline leukemia and AIDS viruses.

Animals not infected with these viruses but who are too wild to be adopted do benefit from our CSR program.   They are therefore sterilized, vaccinated against rabies, and dewormed, in addition to being identified by a permanent tattoo on the flag of their left ear before being released outside within their initial colony.  This tattoo makes it possible to identify visually and remotely the animals that have benefited from our CSR program.  It is important to know that most organizations offering a CSR service do not tattoo the cat’s left ear but rather cut off the tip of the cat’s ear.   So, if you see a cat in your neighbourhood with any of these characteristics on the left ear, it means that it has been sterilized.


Patients who test positive are unfortunately euthanized to prevent the spreading of these diseases to stray cats and domesticated cats that go outside.



Our CSR program is mainly funded by the sale of products made by our families and friends and purchased by you, by the rental costs of our hatch-cage* and by your generous donations.

Our adoption program is a chance for socialized kittens and stray cats to find a loving family.   It is thanks to the help of our families and volunteers that these animals learn to love playing with toddlers as well as older children.  In addition, being housed in our hospital, these cats learn to become familiar with dogs as with other cats.


Adoption fees *

Adoption fees include testing for AIDS and feline leukemia, implantation of an identification microchip, vaccination, deworming as well as sterilization.


We invite you to visit our beautiful hospital, meet our dynamic team and play with our adoption cats.  You never know, you could fall in love with one of those little fur balls full of tenderness.


* Please contact us at 450-906-6090 to find out about the cage and adoption rental fees.


If you have found an animal or lost your own, please do not hesitate to contact us or Service Animalier de la Rive-Sud and all surrounding hospitals and veterinary clinics.

Call us today


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