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Our services

The Passion Compassion Veterinary Hospital offers pet owners personalized services for their little companions – professional care ranging from prevention to hospitalization. We take the health of our animals to heart, and we make their quality of life our priority.

Consultations and emergencies

  • General health examination /
    Health certificate (cats and dogs)
  • Vaccination
  • Examination and
    emergency operations

Laboratory and radiology

  • Blood analysis, urology,
    cytology, parasitology
  • General and dental X-rays
    (with or without sedation)


  • General surgery
    (sterilization, caesarean section,
    hernia correction)
  • Specialized and orthopedic
    surgeries (mass excision, cystotomy, enterotomy, gastrotomy, amputations, …)


  • Complete oral examination
  • Descaling and polishing
  • Oral surgeries and extractions
  • Dental X-rays


  • Claw trimming
    and application
    of claw covers

  • Ear cleaning

  • Emptying of anal sacs

  • Medicated or regular
    shampoo and conditioner

  • Shaving of cats and dogs
    (sedation or anesthesia possible)

Education and Prevention

  • Advice: preventive examination, diagnostic investigation, nutrition, pest control (intestinal worms, heartworms, external parasite, fleas and ticks), dental care, hygiene, behavior and training, maintenance and grooming, micro-chipping subcutaneous identification

Quality food and specialized shop

  • All life stages (pediatric, adult, and senior)
  • Prevention of dental diseases
  • Weight loss program
  • Medical issues: diabetes, kidney failure, hyperthyroidism, urinary crystals/stones, osteoarthritis, food and seasonal allergies, generalized anxiety
  • Complete line of specialty food and animal-tested prescriptions
  • Specialized products and rewards to promote masticatory and intellectual activity
  • Interactive bowls and games

and luxury Boarding

  • Hospital care
  • Euthanasia in hospital or at home
  • Individual or group incineration
  • Boarding and daycare
    for dogs and cats
  • Luxurious glazed, air-conditioned,
    inviting, clean and well-lit lofts or condos
  • Dim lights and background music
  • Self-heating orthopedic beds
    or cushions with memory foam
  • Indoor and outdoor outings several times a day
  • Availability of additional walks
    and outings to the dog park
  • Cat tree and wall shelves
  • Administration of pheromones
    or natural supplements against anxiety
  • Large windows
  • Day, night, weekend or 7 days/week
  • Your pet must have an up-to-date
    vaccination status and a recent health exam

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